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Over 100 easy French audiobooks (CDs) especially designed for the FSL student. 
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Over 400 original titles for the French as a second language and French immersion classroom, grades 4 through college. 
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"No Lexicon" editions 
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"French only" editions of our most popular readers are now available without on-page or end-of-book French-English lexicons.
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New audio e-books  
Schoolwide access to easy, fun, conversational French. Listening and reading comprehension has never been easier. For Smartboards, laptops, tablets and desktop computers.
10 e-books for only $199

New releases  
New Readers and audio e-books

LECTURES JUNIOR - 24 books & audio CDs  
Over 100 easy dialogues. Everyday themes in everyday French. Levelled.
Low beginner through low intermediate
Grades 4 - 8

12 books & audiobooks (CDs)

Beginning level grades 3-6, ages 5 - 12.

12 cultural readers, each set in a different Ontario French Speaking Community.

New editions, especially designed for the new curriculum.

28 books & audio CDs

Low beginner through low intermediate
Grades 4-8.
This series makes reading accessible and fun for beginners, covers age-appropriate themes, and provides teachers with complete, flexible and practical teaching suggestions.

LECTURES ADOS - 11 books & audio CDs  
Low intermediate/Intermediate
Grades 7 - 9
New readers that deal with current teen issues.

LE SPORT! - 4 books & audio CDs  
Low intermediate/Intermediate
Grades 7 - 9
Hockey - Basketball - Soccer - Extreme Sports.
Each reader features an original dialogue story followed by a separate fact section.

Low intermediate/Intermediate
Grades 7-10
Nine new readers, each featuring four or more age and level-appropriate dialogues and activities. Everyday themes in everyday French.
Themes include: Shopping, health and nutrition, sports, ordering meals and snacks, careers, winter holidays and activities, and many more...

Cultural Readers  
Grades 4-9
New readers written to meet the New Curriculum Cultural Literacy Requirements.

Low intermediate/intermediate
Grades 6 to 9
Short, fascinating true stories. Fun, simple, authentic French. Each title contains five or more 200-word sections, end-of-book activities and a lexicon.

DIALOGUES AQUILA - 11 books & CDs  
Low intermediate/intermediate
Grades 5 to 9
Real-life, easy, authentic dialogues. Each title contains up to six 200-word dialogues, numerous activities and a lexicon.

COLLECTION LIRE - 14 books  
Grades 6-10. Readers for the beginning and intermediate student of French. Captivating stories, fact & fiction, dialogue and prose. Motivating and presented in a clear, attractive design. Richly illustrated with drawings, maps and photographs. Comprehensive end-of-book exercises.

16 books & audio CDs

Grades 6-9 & adult ed. Short, situational and thematic dialogues about everyday life, written with style and humor. Carefully designed to enhance communication skills and the acquisition of practical, everyday vocabulary and structures.

Grades 7-11. Readers for the intermediate learner of French. Clear, natural French. Richly illustrated with photos, maps and illustrations. A wide range of oral and written exercises are found at the end of each book.

8 books & audio CDs

Low intermediate/intermediate
Grades 6-9
This series integrates language arts with science. The first half of each book features a heart-stopping adventure story set in the midst of a colossal natural disaster. The second part of the book describes the science behind the natural phenomenon. Students are first captivated by the adventures, and then learn more about the science. The books are further enhanced by an end-of-book glossary and a variety of activities.

LE MYOSOTIS - A new FSL dictionary  
Illustrated dictionary for learners of French as a second language in Canada

Grades 6-9. Four blood-curdling tales of horror for young teens, grades 7-9 make up this spine-tingling French Reader. All the stories are written for the new curriculum.

Grades 7-11. The stories in this series have been selected for their lively pace and suspense, their use of easy, everyday French, and their high content of simple, idiomatic, authentic dialogues.

A variety of books for different levels.

Grades 9-college. Award-winning original novels and short stories carefully selected for advanced readers. This series features material by award-winning European, North African and Canadian authors, complete with footnotes, a variety of exercises,

Grades 6-9.An introduction to the culture and geography of Quebec.

NOUS, LES JEUNES! - 4 books  
Grades 6-9. A cast of teenage students experience a roller coaster of hilarious situations in these fun and meaningful sitcoms in “bande dessinée” format.

Grades 3-6. Looking for something new for your Core French or late immersion class? Here is an exciting, affordable and complete package for French grades 3 to 9 and late immersion grades 4 to 6. Designed to integrate sciences and technology in you

Grades 7-11. Intermediate: Five unbelievable adventures, stories, mysteries, all true occurences to hold the reader in suspense. Skillfully told in direct & simple French.

An introduction to the culture of Quebec.

Conversations Aquila  
Easy dialogues for beginners grades 5-6
Each 36-page book contains four 200-word dialogues, over 30 activities and a French-English lexicon.
Ideal for drama-based teaching
Ordering meals and snacks - Health and nutrition - Sports - Friends - Family - Home - Safety - Weather - The Environment...

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